Audio-Technica M50

Audio-Technica M50

The Audio-Technica M50 is a fully circumaural headphone with a very clean, classic appearance.  With the almost no-frills look, I assumed this headphone would have a very flattened out frequency response. This however, was not the case. The only thing that’s unlike the other headphones of today is the fact that the cable is hardwired to the headphone.  A detachable cable has almost become an industry standard these days.  The fact that the only color options available are black, white and red is also rather limiting. But overall, these are fairly superficial complaints.

Audio Technica M-50 top


The M50’s provide a substantial bass response while still maintaining very controlled mids and crisp highs.  The frequency response is almost identical to that of the AKG K550, but with a bigger bass bump. After using these for mixing different albums including metal and acoustic, I found that the bass response that does exist is very comfortable. Upon conducting comparisons on other sound systems, their mixes felt slightly bass heavy. However, in a general listening situation this is a very welcomed occurrence, because the mix overall is less likely to fatigue the listener.

Audio Technica M-50 pad


One of my favorite aspects of the M50’s is the fit. The ovular shape of the ear cups helps it sit comfortably around your ears. The headband is at a tension that keeps it flush against your head, which provides the sound isolation necessary for optimal bass response without being too tight. These could be worn for hours at a time without them becoming uncomfortable.

Audio Technica M-50 Adapter


One other aspect that I’m a big fan of is that the ¼” adapter attaches to the 1/8” plug so perfectly that I didn’t even realize it could be detached at first.  This means that you can use these with professional equipment or even a portable device just the same. The DJ styling allows the ear cups to swivel for comfort and to be folded down so they can be used for travel.

Audio Technica M-50 Plug


At $160, and with the quality of sound and durability, these headphones are well worth the price. They’re an exceptional value, especially when taking into consideration other models with the same specifications in frequency response, and perhaps comfort, could be twice the price.

Audio Technica M-50 Flat


The look is classic, the fit is standard and the sound is clean. Their size makes them better suited for use in the home, or even in a professional setting, as opposed to being used for travel. These headphones are aimed at those looking for good sound and comfort at an affordable price.

  • Sound – Amazing
  • Comfort – Fantastic
  • Versatility – Great
  • Value – Fantastic
  • Overall – Fantastic