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My name is Mark White and I am the founder of PeachBudz, the first dedicated headphone store in the United States with an extensive selection of headphones on display for comparative listening.

PeachBudz was founded in 2011 and followed up with the founding of PeachBudz Online, our e-tail outlet, in 2013.

Over the time that we have been open, PeachBudz has attracted a significant following of local audiophiles in Des Moines, Iowa – the location of our first store.  Moreover, our employees have acquired quite a bit of knowledge in the headphone space.  A few months ago, several customers and employees approached me about the idea of sponsoring a review site where they could share their thoughts about headphones and the headphone industry.  I mulled this over for a bit and decided that I would sponsor a site that featured independent editorial content – in other words, I did not want the site to be a shill for PeachBudz.

My role here, and by extension that of PeachBudz, is simply to provide server space, technical support, and access to headphones for our reviewers.  Their opinions are their own and we will not exercise any authority whatsoever beyond the standards established by Bryan, our editor, employee, and long time headphone collector.  Really, this is truly and extension of our corporate culture, wherein our employees are allowed relatively independent control over their decisions and approach to customers.  We are just taking it one step further by providing this forum to express their opinions.

If there are any questions with regard to our role here, please feel free to contact me.  For questions regarding content and/or to get your products reviewed, please contact Bryan.

I hope that the content provided by our employees and customers is valued.  Feel free to comment and add your thoughts to any of the reviews or information posted here.



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